More Than Just Pets

We are bringing innovation (and the innovators) to Hawaii.

Attracting talent to the islands

Many returning kama’aina (residents) and remote workers permanently moved to the islands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These people brought valuable skills and knowledge that enrich Hawaii's community and economy, and we'd like to see that continue.

The cost and difficulty of bringing a pet to Hawaii shouldn't be a barrier.

Our experience moving back

Our family moved back to Oahu after 14 years in New England. The process of bringing our 4-year-old dog, Leia, was by far the most complex part of our cross-continental move.

I spent hours reading blog posts, reread Hawaii's "checklist" dozens of times and made myself a spreadsheet to keep track of everything. Even our vet had no clue what to do.

Leia made it through safely and without having to quarantine, but that experience drove me to make it easier for future pet owners.

A Public Benefit Corp (PBC)

We believe Hawaii can be a home for climate change innovation.

Our role is to accelerate that change by enriching the community, ecology and economy in a way that perpetuates Hawaii's cultural legacy.

If you are moving to Hawaii to work on climate change, please reach out.