How it Works

We send you a box. You and your vet send it back.

What's in the Rapid Test Kit?

Lab-Ready Veterinary Supplies

Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization (FAVN) sampling vials provided by Hawaii's approved testing labs. Includes two vials (one backup) labeled with your pet's microchip number.

Clinical Shipping Pack

FedEx Clinical packaging, gel pack, moisture absorbers, padding, plus a pre-paid next-day shipping label.

Veterinarian Checklist

A simple instruction card for your vet to follow and return to you as a receipt. Handy for making sure all procedures were followed.

Lab Documents

Pre-filled documents required by the receiving labs (KSU, AU, DoD) in order to process your pet's sample.

Every Rapid Test Kit Also Includes:

Discounted Rates

Your purchase includes all lab fees and shipping. We work with Hawaii's approved labs and carriers to get you the best rates.

Package Tracking

Know when your vet mails the sample and the lab receives it, starting Hawaii's 30-day countdown.

Verified Results

Mokupet is the only service that confirms your pet's travel status with Hawaii's Quarantine Branch.


We collect and submit all of Hawaii's import forms for you: AQS-279, original vaccinations & import fee.


Travel Certificates

Pre-filled travel certificates and airline-specific documents required for flying.


Trip Review

Our travel experts will review you've done the necessary steps and check for costly gotchas.